How Renting Works

Renting works easily.

Right now renting is only available on the Big Island of Hawaii. We will be expanding to the other islands when possible.

Set up an account-

  • Browse the catalog, choose toys you want to rent, how m,any weeks you want to rent (1,2 or 4), then check out and pay.
  • You'll need to choose a delivery date. At this time we only deliver and pick up on weekends, and there is a delivery fee according to mileage.
  • On delivery day we request the renter check the items to be sure they are complete and ready for fun while our team member is there. That way we know you are satisfied and all is well.
  • On pick-up day we expect the items to be clean and in working order. If there is a problem, such as a missing piece, we will work with you and allow you an extra day to find it.
  • If something gets broken we will charge a small fee depending on what is broken and how badly broken. We consider ourselves to be fair in this transaction. We WANT to keep you as a customer!
  • If for some reason the toys can NOT be picked up on pick-up day we will charge an additional $2.00 late fee each day until the toys are returned, and an additional $10.00 pick up fee. Exceptions may occur.

If you would like additional time, and no one has it on reserve,  just let us know how much longer and we will add it to your account.

No refunds are given on rental items.

CANCELLATIONS are only accepted 48 hours before your delivery date. If you do not cancel before that time, one week rental fee will be applied.

NON -returnable items:
Gift certificates